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Websites Design

Personal, Business and Shopping Sites.

A brief review of our

These websites types are relatively easy to produce so there for they are our cheapest starter sites.
Once they are setup it is fairly simple to administer, in fact most people with a little computer experience can do there own thing and change images, text etc.
These websites start at $250.00 NZD


This type of website can take a little extra time as they tend to be more complex not only with the initial design of the site but also the contents.

If someone desires and they poses the skills they themselves can do a majority of the work this tend to keep the costs down. Other wise we can do the entire website for you.

This type of website tends to start at $600.00 NZD depending on the content and what computer skills you have, It would be more if we have to do it the entire site.

Additional modules such as E-carts and secure online banking transactions can tend to up the price.
Shopping Sites

iWeb Solutions can also develop and design your Shopping site from scratch.  We have 2 different platforms for this,  and work very closely with the client to get exactly what they need and desire.

These platforms start at around  $650.00 NZD
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Copyright iWeb Solutions  2023.

Copyright iWeb Solutions  2023.
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